Female Sahaba: Sumayyah bint Khabbab

December 29, 2006

Sumayyah bint Khabbab

One of the most noble examples of muslim womanhood and the first martyr of Islam was the female companion Sumayyah Bint Khabbab (may Allah be pleased with her). She was one those who stood fast and resolute upon the worship of Allah alone when the muslims were few and their success was only through patience upon the truth . An excerpt of her biography [radi’Allahu anha] follows.

The Biography of the companion of Allah’s Messenger [sall’Allahu aleihi wa salam] Sumayyah Bint-Khubbab as found in the Al-Isabah [vol 8 ./189-190] of the noble scholar and imam of hadith Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani [rahim’Allah] with additional details taken from ‘at-Tabaqat al-Kubra ‘of Ibn- Saad Volume 8 pg 193.

“She is the mawla of Abu Hudhaifah ibn Al-Mughirah ibn Abd’Allah ibn Amr ibn Makhyum, mother of Ammar ibn Yasir. She was the seventh one to accept Islam. Abu Jahl tortured her by stabbing her in the private parts and she died as a result of that. Therefore she was the first ‘shaheedah’ (martyr) in Islam. Yasir was a slave to Abu Hudhaifah, so Abu Hudhaifah married him to Sumayyah and they had Ammar, and Abu Hudhaifah freed his slave. Yasir and his wife and his son were all from the earliest people to accept Islam.

Ibn Ishaq stated in his ‘Maghazi’ that some men from the family of Ammar ibn Yassar narrated that Umm Ammar was punished by the family of al-Mughira because of her Islam. And she refused to leave Islam [and so she was punished ] until they killed her. The Prophet [sall’Allahu aleihi was salam] used to go to Ammar, his mother and his father when they were being punished at al-Abtah, during the month of Ramadhan in Mecca. He [sall’Allahu aleihi was salam] would say ” Be patient oh family of Ammar- your appointed destination is Jannah.”

Mujahid said “The first ones who showed their Islam in Mecca were seven: the Messenger of Allah [sall’Allahu aleihi was salam], Abu Bakr, Bilal, Khatab, Suhaib, Ammar, Sumayyah.” As far as the Messenger of Allah [sall’Allahu aleihi was salam] and Abu Bakr then their people prevented them from being harmed. As for the others, they [the mushrikin] seized them, dressed them in a suit of armor and cooked them in the sun. Abu Jahl came to Sumayyah and stabbed her with a spear in her private parts. Abu Shaibah and the author Jarir and Mansur and Mujahid… stated it is mursal with an authentic chain.

Ibn Sa’d narrates with an authentic chain on the authority of Mujahid that the first shaheed in Islam was Sumayyah, the mother of Ammar ibn Yasir. And she was a small old woman. And Abu Jahl was killed on the day of Badr. The Messenger [sall’Allahu aleihi was salam] said to Ammar: “Allah has killed the one who has killed your mother.”


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  1. rida zeynab Says:

    it was good

  2. rida zeynab Says:

    cok guzel

  3. Farah97 Says:

    Cerita ini akan saya ingat sampai bila2.

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